The flourishing ecosystems of east and west coast of Australia is absolutely stunning. Colorful corals, plenty of colorful marine species, crystal clear water makes it absolutely stunning to experience snorkeling. These are some of the most popular destinations in Australia to visit in order to experience snorkeling.

  1. Tangalooma Wrecks, Moreton Island – Moreton Island is a popular snorkeling destination for many locals and tourists. This island is also known to have 15 ships that were sunk purposefully in order to the development of this island. While snorkeling, witness beautiful tropical fish, shrimps, moray eels, soft and hard corals and more.
  2. The Abrolhos Islands – A massive series of islands makes the Abrolhos Islands. Easter, Pelsaert and Wallabi are the 3 main groups of this island that stretches over 100kms. Along with snorkeling, couples can also experience cruising, swimming, diving and flying at this awesome island.
  3. Wathumba Creek, Fraser Island – if you and your partner wish to experience the best of marine species, then visit the Fraser Island. Dolphins, tropical fish, sea turtles, etc., are some of the marine species to witness. And at the same time, snorkeling and swimming are very popular activities for locals and tourists.
  4. Low Isles, QLD – Low Isles in QLD, is best described via stunning coral reefs and aqua blue water. Snorkeling, swimming, exploring the island are some of the activities couples can enjoy. 

These are some of the best spots for snorkeling couples must visit. There are also a ton of honeymoon destinations in Australia.