Once asbestos enters our body, it is hard to define the duration of being exposed. One of the ways to check the duration of asbestos exposure is to recall the time along with the quantity of asbestos. Do not take it lightly when you feel you’ve been exposed to asbestos as it leads to hazardous diseases. Make sure you consult a doctor who can help you with remedies. These are the things you need to do immediately if you feel you’ve been exposed to asbestos.

  1. Consult a Doctor – As mentioned above, it is important to visit a doctor. The doctor will ask you to take certain tests such as lung-function text, CT scans, X-rays of the chest. Although, these tests will not reveal the presence of asbestos but, it can reveal to the doctor whether or not you are a victim of lung cancer.
  2. Quit Smoking – Regular or occasional, smoking has no benefits to our body. Once exposed to asbestos, you need to seriously try to quit completely. Many research has proved that smoking and exposure to asbestos leads to lung cancer.
  3. Keep Regular Visits to your Doctor –Make sure your visits to the doctor are on a regular basis. This is important to understand additional symptoms caused by asbestos. Some of the symptoms include coughing of blood, breathing difficulty, chest pains, painful while swallowing etc. You may also be advised to take pneumonia and other disease-related vaccines.

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