There are different types of counselors in the market. Some act as life coaches, some professional trainers and then there comes a family coach. The task of the counselor is to offer solutions and strategies to deal with this problem.

Depending on your problem, you decide where your counselor will visit. If you are a parent then you need to opt for parenting counseling.

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This counseling has been designed specifically for parents of all kinds – first-timers, preschool children, and people with teenage children and so on. We recommend that you opt for a certified counselor.

As parents, we often cannot voice our failures. We are afraid that we will be judged bad and will be branded as parents do not care who fails to deal with their children. Have you ever wondered why some parents in this generation face this issue? The first thing you need to remember is that you belong to the generation that is totally different from your kids.

Whatever you have learned from your parents may not apply in the present day scenario. In our generation, we used to go out to play in parks and gardens. But the kids did not do anything at this time.

They are tech-savvy from a young age and spent a great time playing with different gadgets. You cannot prevent your child from doing it but you can certainly limit the number using these gadgets.