The Different Types of Indoor Blinds

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In this article, we are going to learn about Indoor blinds, the latest trend of home decor in Melbourne, the capital city of Victoria Australia. The exclusive roller blinds help you to get an ultra-stylish look for your living, dine area and bedrooms. 

What Are the Different Types of Blinds?

There are many ranges of roller blinds available in the market. They are fit for any type of interior décor. Here are some varieties available in the market.

 Block out Blind:

These are perfect for your bedrooms. This fabric offers an extraordinary privacy by blocking unnecessary light both in day and night-time. Once you roll them down, you can enjoy a high level of privacy. You can also use them in your living area and bathroom.

 Light Filtering Blind:

Best fit for dining and living area. These blinds give your room an eye-soothing look. Filtered, soft light makes your mind relaxed when you sit for a while to take a little breath from you busy, workaholic life.

 Sunscreen Blinds:

These are specially designed for your kitchen and office. Sunscreen blinds reduces sun glare and heat in day time. You can enjoy coking or working in a comfortable atmosphere on installing these blinds.

 How to Operate?

Blinds have a sidewinder that offers a hassle free operation and comes with a chain safety device for tightening the chain according to Child Safety Regulation. You can use combination brackets for both light filtering option in day and block out in night.


How to Maintain Blinds?

You don’t need to put a huge effort for their maintenance. You can clean tem in the mentioned way –

1.    For accumulated Dust: You can clean up the accumulated dust with a vacuum cleaner.

2.    For minor strains: Just rub with a damp cloth.

 Please keep in mind that you must not rub roughly, this can damage the coating and ruin the look. In case of major cleaning, you can follow the instruction from the manual provided by your blind manufacturer.

Why should we Use Blinds?

There are multiple purposes of using a blind.

UV protection: Due to increasing pollution level and Green House Effect, we all are in urgent need to protect ourselves from extremely harmful UV ray of the Sun. A long exposure to UV ray may lead to Melanoma – cancer of skin, a very painful and deadly disease. The blind protects us from UV ray.


 Good for furniture: Extra heat and light may spoil the polishing appearance of our valuable furniture. You can use blinds to save them from getting damaged caused by unwanted high heat and light.


Give your old home a refreshing new look: The right choice of blind can award your ever-known old home with a stunning and attractive fresh appetency. You will be in love with your favorite bedroom, kitchen and dine area once again.


Gives you a special feel of privacy: You feel extremely comfortable with your privacy when you install an appropriate blind. You find your relaxing bath more enjoyable when you’re back from work and your sleep time more cozy with the blinds.


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Hope that we were able to help you with the idea about types of indoor blinds, how they work and their uses. It was really very tuft to brief everything about blinds in a single article. We’ve tried our best to introduce you with the key of decoration of modern era. Hope you’ll find it useful.