Fiji’s is comprised of tons of beauty. Wherever you go, you will be left feeling absolutely astonished by beautiful beaches, tiny islands, activities such as paddle boarding, surfing and many more. However, as fun as it may sound, there are rules that need to be followed. If you’re planning to land in Fiji in the next coming days, weeks or months then make sure to follow these rules.

  • Stay Close to the Host – Fijians love inviting tourists to their village. If you happen to be invited then make sure you stay close to the host who invited you. You are allowed to talk to other locals however, do not go far away from the village with others.
  • Have a Sip of Kava – During the Yaqona ceremony, Fijians will offer kava which is their national drink. Make sure to at least take a sip when offered as locals find it rude and disrespectful when you say no.
  • Maintain Silence – The chief of the village along with a few higher authorities are allowed to speak. Do not make any noise or pass comments during the chief’s speech.
  • Lower your tone – Fiji and the people are regarded as some of the nicest people in the world. Therefore, while talking to them you need to make sure your voice is soft and gentle.
  • Take Permission First – If you wish to click a few pictures with the locals, it is recommended to ask them first before you click one.

Follow these rules and you are definitely going to have a great accommodation experience at a few luxury Fiji island resorts.