One effective procedure is to use the most cost Corten, Corten end, powder painting and other metal finishing that increases the life of the metal by eliminating the need to replace or repair it. Therefore, it also makes a cost-effective solution for use in various construction metals.

Corten is really structural material typically used in shipping containers. Having completed rusted and the rust that appeared on the surface creating a protective layer made of metal underneath untouched by weather conditions.

After Corten exposed to the weather, the formation of rust not only makes the metal more durable but creates a natural aesthetic appearance. You can browse if you're looking for corten steel sculpture.

It looks so beautiful that you do not even need to paint your metal. All you need to do is, install if necessary and improve the overall appearance of the building or site.

Corten Sculpture

Corten and oxidation finishing of steel has become a popular method to beautify the outside. Corten used widely in the manufacture of metal sculpture and in creating a variety of outdoor theme parks, outdoor shopping centers, and office buildings, etc.

They are very suitable in the landscaped garden and finishing the Corten used in the decoration of buildings and landscapes.

Corten steel is composed of a copper chromium alloy and come in sheets of various finishing. You can buy natural Corten steel that is untouched and unfinished and Corten steel coated with polished differently as well.

It can be used on the exterior walls of buildings, fence and gatehouse, PVC and wooden doors with finishing Corten and even on the roof.

Corten steel is ideal for use on a compound wall and gate of the house. This not only makes it look attractive but more ideal in terms of offering great security as well.