Dogs are very good at finding things like their sense of smell is a thousand times stronger than humans. These skills have been used by police forces and immigration authorities to identify bombs, drugs, and guns.

Search and rescue dogs can find people buried in the rubble. Now, dogs can even be used to help find bed bugs. You can also browse to to hire beg bug dogs services for bed bug removal.

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Bed bugs are big trouble and they can be very difficult to remove. This paper-thin bug lives in cracks and gaps in the home.

They feed on human blood and often sleep Infest at apartments, hotels, homeless shelters, and even hospitals. Because they are so small and enclosed, they can be difficult to see.

Bed bug dogs can complete the task much more quickly and accurately to sniff out the offensive bugs. Dogs can smell the bugs that are inside the walls, under carpets and in other places that are difficult to reach.

Bed bugs dogs have 90 percent accuracy, compared with a human inspector. Because dogs can fit into small spaces and accurately identify the hot spots, they are capable of destroying the bugs before getting out of hand.

This saves time and money and peace of mind of residents of the house. Canine bed bugs are taught the scent of bugs and are rewarded when he found one.

If you're looking for an accurate and effective way to identify problem areas in your home, see about hiring a company that uses specially trained bed bug dogs.