The world of EDI has seen a sea change from traditional to Internet EDI VAN. The development in itself has made EDI available to smaller trading partners who find reduced cost and easy-to-get IT infrastructure for establishing EDI much more feasible and desirable.

Internet EDI suddenly gave the EDI industry much needed push and much-needed respite from the traditional and cumbersome technologies. This has, in turn, resulted in an EDI wave where a number of vendors have now started providing EDI as a service.

Based on Saas Model EDI as a service is an excellent solution for those smaller players who do not have the necessary IT infrastructure or EDI knowledge but a mandate to use this technology to be in business with players like Wal-Mart. You can also get more information on EDI implementation via

Advantages of SaaS-based EDI many

1. Reduce Cost and time for EDI readiness

2. Reduce the need for infrastructure and IT resources

3. The reduced transaction costs

4. Improved system integration and operational efficiency

For most companies, EDI is not a core business function. It is more of a necessity as determined by the size of a large trading partner. Given the fact that EDI is a non-core function requires expertise and specialized resources. Also, the choice of investment into EDI products together with the cost of implementation can turn out to be very expensive.