Vitamins play a crucial role in the development of hair follicles and hair growth. Most modern diets including foods that have gone through some rigorous processing methods lose those certain minerals from these foods.

These essential vitamins become deficient in the diet causes thinning hair and hair loss. These are some of the vitamins for fine hair that can be used to grow thinning hair and stop baldness. To improve your hair growth, you can choose ‘hair growth supplements’ (also known as ‘juuste kasvu toidulisandid’ in Estonian language).

Vitamin A: This is very important as it serves as an antioxidant and plays a role in the synthesis of sebum on the scalp. This can be obtained in pills as a supplement to a daily dose of 5,000 IU.

Vitamin B2: This plays an important role in metabolism. Without this body, you will not be able to utilize oxygen and therefore not be able to metabolize fatty acids, carbohydrates, and amino acids. A deficiency will result in hair loss. This can be taken as supplemental compressed at a dose of 50 mg.

Vitamin B3: This plays an important role in removing cholesterol. When cholesterol accumulates in the scalp which promotes the conversion of testosterone into DHT can cause baldness.

Vitamin B6: This is related to the synthesis of melanin pigment color. This is also associated with a wide range of enzymatic functions as well as plays a role in reducing stress.

Vitamin B9: This plays a crucial role in maintaining hair during pregnancy. All of the above B can be taken as a supplement of the B complex tablets containing the whole B.

Biotin: This protects hair against dryness by activating the production of unsaturated fats. Lack of this vitamin will result in hair loss in both men and women. Doctors often recommend this for patients suffering from hair loss.