Everyone needs to add a little color to their lives. Life would be very dull if it were all gray and while the world itself is as colorful as it already can be, enough to make life a little bit less annoying, most people suffer from the lack of color not in their lives in general, but in their lifestyle, specifically, their diet.

People avoid fruits and vegetables – the green ones, yellow, blue, oranges, the works – and even if they do not, they rarely eat them, and as a result, their body pays for it. Some people, however, know their importance and why they must be part of our everyday nutrition, and this is good.

Yes, all of them carry their own set of vitamins and minerals with them. However, if given a chance, anyone who likes fruits and vegetables or anyone who is health-conscious would like to get their hands only on fruits and vegetables that packed the most nutrition, and in line with that, the list below contains five of the healthiest fruits out there for those conscious about their health. You can visit this site to get more information about it.

Kale. Some things live up to the hype and some do not. Fortunately, Kale is a pretty hyped up and famous vegetable that actually lives up to its name. Packed with high levels of iron, potassium, Vitamins A, C and K and a tolerable taste to boot and you have a vegetable that’s going to make people want to eat vegetables a little bit more.

Blueberry. The blueberry is a “superfood” – a coined term for food sources that contains heavy doses of necessary nutrients – and it certainly lives up to this by providing all kinds of essential nutrients, minerals, fiber and a compound called pterostilbene.

Broccoli. Not everybody appreciates how good Broccoli is. Sitcoms, cartoon shows, and the likes often depict it as the type of vegetable that most children, and even adults, do not want to eat. True, it is not the tastiest vegetable out there, but it is a nutrient powerhouse, and you can serve it in a variety of ways, especially if raw Broccoli doesn’t suit your taste palettes.

Strawberries. Only a few fruits all over the world are as sweet and juicy as these little pink fruits. However, apart from its tastes, berries are full of vitamin C, manganese, and are one of the best types of food out there that want to lose weight.

Red Bell Peppers. Before anything else, you need to know that these “vegetables” are fruits. However, regardless of how you classify them, red bell peppers add to your diet what other types of fruits and vegetables cannot, and that is chock full of carotenoids – powerful antioxidants that help eliminate free radicals in the body – as well as other necessary minerals and nutrients.

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