Do you have a parking area that is not used for resides in a built-up area? If you do, then there's money waiting to be earned. If you do not use your driveway through the day then you could have your garage or drive making money for you in the home while you are on the job. 

Obtaining a customer to cover for your parking area or garage is truly rather simple. You have a place that is in demand and there'll be people searching for parking spaces so take a look at the local press under ‘desired'. You might have a business just awaiting you there. You can browse to rent private space in Dubai.

A free advertisement from the local grocery store, company people frequently pop in there to buy their shop or lunch before driving home. It only have a moment for the advertisement to be put, make sure it stands out from the bunch of cards exhibited by placing a colored border around the card.

Car Illustration

Set a poster, banner or sign on a wall or in your garage door at which it could be observed by people driving. This is possibly the best form of having company since it's going to be seen by motorists, likely driving slowly past searching for a parking area anyhow.

Word of mouth, you also need to have companies near, pop into every company and inform them you own parking space to allow if they do not want it that they might know somebody else that does. Again, this is a really productive method of growing business.

You might want to cover advertisements, this subsequently opens several doors to pull business and the cash invested will most likely be repaid from the first week of somebody renting your parking area.

So ultimately, just how much can you make? More than you believe simply look at neighborhood parking fees on town and work it out from there.