Food is one of the few things in the wedding which find the success of a wedding reception. Everybody wants the guests of their wedding or any other function will remember the outstanding delicious taste of the food.

Buffets can be ideal for a sunny day outdoor wedding, letting guests pick and pick at their leisure, while you mingle and revel in the sun – possibly with a live band to serenade you. 

Think too about canapes and snacks – there could be periods of waiting for your visitors, like the time between the ceremony and the reception. You can arrange the brakes (also known as “จัดเบรค” in the Thai language) of light food and drinks during this vacant period. This will keep your guests happy.

A spring wedding with new juices just does not ring the proper bells. This is only one of the greatest wedding food styles to follow; lots of couples are substituting liquor and beverages with refreshing juices, coffee, and tea.

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This is excellent for your hosts; you do not need to push house a person using a hangover.

Along with other dishes, crispy water chestnuts (also known as “แห้วกรอบ” in the Thai language) are one of the delicious snacks for any occasion. People love the taste of water chestnuts which are fried in olive oil with garlic and chili flakes. 

These ingredients in water chestnuts really give a nice garlic flavor. Water chestnuts are a favorite addition to vegetable stir fry. Contrary to other veggies that soften as you cook them, water chestnuts keep their crisp feel.