The materials needed to build retaining walls include long straight ruler, Geogrid reinforcement, tamper, torpedo level, crushed rock, hand drill hammer, wheelbarrow, brick chisel, line or back support or line level, work gloves and shoes heavy work boots, wooden pegs, measuring tape or wall block system blocks, wood or framing boxes, two-foot pickaxes, mattock, digging bars, and long-handled shovels.

To start the steps on how to build a retaining wall, a preliminary excavation must be carried out to produce the area where the wall will be built. The area on the lower part of the wall must be assessed. The bet must be directed to the area.  You can hop over to learn more information about the formation of retaining wall blocks.

On the side of the uphill line, trenches measuring 18 inches x 6 inches must be dug. The crushed stone must then be used to fill the ditch and tamper to compact the crushed stone. A parallel can be used to determine whether there is a level or no gravel footing.

The next step on how to build a retaining wall is to make sure that the first concrete unit to be placed on the rock is far from the rope. The torpedo can be used to verify whether there are block levels. The remaining blocks that will complete the first course must also be placed, where the same process must be applied.

Next is to refill when the beam is placed. And the final step is to complete the final assessment by filling the trench on the part of the wall that is decreasing with the rock and then, pouring the topsoil until the height of the wall is reached.