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Advantages of Paper Folders

Paper folders are simple to use and operate. Paper folders save businesses time and money by increasing productivity and reducing hours spent in labor statements, invoices, and correspondence.

Paper folders are used in churches, schools, print shops, quick-copy centers, banks, mail-houses, and many other types of organizations.

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Advantages of Paper Folders

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These machines have a long history and technology continues to develop. With manual paper folders, clients now have the possibility to purchase automatic paper folding machines, which work much faster and save a lot of energy.

Nevertheless, choosing the machine that is appropriate for you depends on various factors and the main one refers to the type of work you are involved in. When you go online to find them you should keep in mind the machine speed (sheet/hour).

The guide paper uses a technique known as friction feed, which is paper moving with the support of an artificial roll and is quite economical to use. The automated paper-folding system is truly a great asset to any office.

Half-fold: Can be used to make 4 different panels/pages to print on if the sheet is tied into two identical sections with a fold. Tri-folds: Tri-folds are a very common fold design on the marketplace.

Engineering Fold / Fold-Out: Generally used for laser size sheets (11 "x 17") that are tied into proposals or technical documents.

Gatefold: The sheet is tied into two identical wing panels using two parallel folds closed like a gate of the larger center panel. Common applications are presentations, brochures, invitations, menus, and wine lists.

French fold: French fold is also becoming common in the market, and there are similar issues. Because to get folds on this document one has to cross each other through the machine twice.

Double Parallel Folding / Accordion Fold: (also known as 8-sheet or quarter fold) The sheet is folded in half and then made 4 panels on each side of the sheet using 2 parallel folds in half.