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Building a Facebook Messenger Bot

I have been working on a Facebook Chatbot that will answer questions from my users. If you are familiar with how Facebook works, you know they encourage interaction between the users and bots, but I have never seen a bot that actually answered questions from the user.

Facebook keeps on updating their features for bots and the users are constantly being updated about new additions to the Facebook platform. A bot that actually answers questions is something I thought might be possible, but it wasn't clear to me at first.

To build a Facebook Messenger Bot that actually answers questions from the user, I decided to create a simple application using PHP and Python that could communicate with my PHP script. When I ran the script, I was met with a blank screen.

The next step was to install my PHP script into the website I wanted to use as my Facebook Messenger Bot. I then did some changes to the script to make it work. For example, it is now running as a Postman for my friends to send me things I want and for me to get rid of.

Once I had my script up and running, I started getting responses to my questions and Facebook eventually sent me some information about my friends. That was a great feeling!

When I asked my friends about using the Facebook Messenger Bot, a lot of them were enthusiastic about it. The most common question was "What can I do with it?"

The answers for this question were varied. One friend, for example, mentioned that they liked that Facebook showed their friends and me what they looked like. I never really understood the point of this feature, but it certainly caught my attention.

Another friend wanted to know if Facebook Messenger Bot could help them sell things on eBay. When I thought about this, I realized that the Facebook Messenger Bot would need to interact with eBay to collect users' e-mail addresses. However, I was always open to suggestions.

A few friends expressed interest in making money with Facebook. So, I started the process of creating an eBay shop using the Facebook Messenger Bot. However, the feedback was mixed.

One person said he didn't believe in using Facebook or the Messenger Bot because he didn't see the point of the product. Another person said that the product was a lot more interesting than he expected and was the reason why he had started using the Facebook Messenger Bot.

The third person said that the Facebook Messenger Bot was one of the best experiences he had ever had on the internet. He also felt that it was the first time he had interacted with a product that was useful. Overall, this experience was exactly what he had been looking for.

After spending several days working on my Facebook Messenger Bot, I have decided to release it. You can find the code at my website. Please check it out and consider using it.