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Detailed Information About Saber SCC sensors

Saber milk SCC sensors automatically reduce SCC testing business by doing all the hard work for you. real time data to identify cows that might be susceptible to mastitis. Integrated with Saber ID, Milk, Draft and feed module. Saber SCC is in high demand because it can detect early mastitis in cows. 

The detection of sub clinical mastitis has saved me from the annihilation of two cows from mastitis is treated, it also allows me to use a better treatment of dry cows in the herd reduces my costs. You can know more about saber milk via

How Saber SCC benefit your farm

Until now, testing the conductivity is the closest farmers must detect mastitis in the living room, but this method does not have the accuracy of detection. By providing real-time data collection Saber SCC can provide SCC test and confirm the results before the cow has finished milking. When you install the SCC sensors you can:

  1. Detect infections much earlier, and receive early warning of clinical and subclinical mastitis because it eliminates the need to strip the entire herd
  2. Reducing the level of SCC in your herd
  3. Improve the management of bulk SCC
  4. Extend the season due to an increase in the selection of milking cows to dry
  5. increased profitability
  6. Use the in-depth reporting for SCC to choose dry beef cow therapy, thereby reducing the use of antibiotics
  7. Reduce operating costs – the cost of each test only 1 Cent (Euro).

How it works

  1. Saber milk SCC is an automated test and determine the results of SCC
  2. Results sensor and any alerts can be seen on your smart device (or optional touch screen
  3. With Saber ID, the results of SCC are automatically matched with the animals, without ID, the results of milk can be given manually using your smart device
  4. report reviews the history of cattle and herd level to make real-time decisions about your herd and manage mastitis and bulk rate of SCC