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First Birthday Party Ideas To Create Your Baby’s First Birthday A Success!

It is time for birthday celebration ideas already?  Would you believe it has just been a year since you brought your little bundle of joy home? You can think of creative birthday party ideas in Sydney and kids entertainment parties that can make your moment memorable.

First Birthday Party Themes

The first thing to do is to select a motif.  What is your child's favorite cartoon character or book character?  How about a favorite stuffed animal? There are many topics to select from which are ideal for a 1st birthday celebration.

Party Favors For A Very First Birthday

You can receive your child's image printed on a personalized candy bar wrapper or directly on a cookie-cutter. There are even businesses that’ll publish Tee shirts along with your kid's image on them.  That could be a somewhat pricey party favor, however, it's a really unique favor for a very special birthday.

Send an image of your guests along with your Thank card.  

It's such a beautiful and personal signature, the receiver will surely love it. You can purchase a placard, a celebration publication, or a stuffed animal for the party guests to sign. 

Don't forget to take a lot of pictures of your guests and of this unique First Birthday Baby!  This is merely the first of several birthday parties you'll need for your kid, but it's the one you'll remember.