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Guide To Forensic Video Enhancement

Forensic video analysis is the scientific examination, comparison and/or evaluation of video in legal matters. The video forensic process must be performed in a forensic lab that is equipped with the appropriate tools and follows best practice protocols in order to process the video recording with integrity and accuracy.

The Objective of Forensic Video Enhancement

The objective of best forensic video enhancement is to clarify or enhance the events as they occurred. This is done using non-destructive techniques to preserve the video evidence integrity and pixel quality.

Clarifying or enhancing the events as they occurred assists the Trier of Fact to weigh the video evidence and its relevance to the litigation.

video enhancement

Video forensic experts are often asked to enhance CCTV Surveillance video recordings for court. We are also asked to provide video image enhancement for identification purposes. We create customized filtering to sharpen the video image and remove video noise for identification and enhancement of the images in the CCTV Surveillance video.

Forensic Enhancement and Analysis Tools

Forensic enhancement and analysis tools include software and hardware that are implemented and used on a powerful desktop computer. Methods applied to this scientific examination must be executed in a systematic and accurate nature.

Video forensics service is sought after by law enforcement agencies, attorney’s, government agencies and private clients. Opinions and conclusions drawn by the video forensic expert must follow best practices.

A forensic report is created on completion that exhibits all activity performed in the lab as well as forensic processes performed. That way, any other qualified video forensic expert can follow our steps multiple times and establish the same conclusions and opinions.