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Know The Recipe Of Making Margherita Pizza

Margherita pizza is typically known as Neapolitan cuisine made with olive oil, basil, herbs, tomato, cheese, black pepper, and meat. If you love to eat Italian food and pizza is one of them, then you can order the best Margherita pizza via


Before knowing the recipe for making Margherita pizza, there are some facts about the origin of pizza that you should definitely know. Margherita was actually the name of Queen of Italy. That time pizza was known as a kind of bread. Queen Margherita adored bread.

Cheese, herbs, sauce, and tomatoes were used as a topping on the bread to make the pizza for Queen Margherita. This pizza has been called Pizza Margherita and is popularly famous now in Naples and has spread across the world. 

Recipe of making Margherita pizza:

Dough: Dough can be prepared with wheat or refined flour. The dough needs to be smooth and fresh to make a perfect pizza base.  

Tomatoes: Tomato is the main ingredient used in Margherita pizza recipes. It contains the antioxidant lycopene which will help protect the body's cells and also utilizes part-skim milk to test for saturated fat whilst supplying calcium.

Cheese: Cheese is a dairy product prepared from the milk of goats, cows, buffaloes, etc. To make Margherita cheese, mozzarella cheese is very important. Mozzarella cheese is a traditional Italian cheese made from the milk of buffaloes. Cheese is so flavorful that can help you to make a great pizza.