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Strange Water Color from the Faucet is due to these Strange Reasons

 in Coffs Harbour bathroom renovations

We need water on a daily basis from drinking to bathing to cooking and more. Now imagine a scenario where you’re called in for an emergency office meeting. You head over to the bathroom for a shower and see a strange color and smell of water coming down as soon as the faucet is opened. So, what would you do in this situation? Leave it or call a plumber? Call a plumber to get the thing sorted right? But as a homeowner, it is your responsibility to understand the reason behind the strange color from the faucet.

  1. Algae Presence –The presence of algae leads to water turning into green in color from the faucet. The algae is a microorganism that grows on the system of the pipe. The best way to get rid of this microorganism is to call a professional plumber before the situation becomes worse.
  2. Old House – if you reside in a house which is made of galvanized steel then the water is bound to turn red in color. Furthermore, this problem becomes worse as zinc which is the protective layer starts wearing off.
  3. Presence of Copper Pipes – Apart from the presence that turns the water into green, copper pipes also lead to the same problem. Moreover, the presence of copper wire is a threat that can cause some serious problems to health.

These are the common reasons leading to a change in water color. From plumbing problems to bathroom renovations in Coffs Harbour area, consider hiring a professional plumber immediately.