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What Color Light Spectrum Is Best For Clones?

The blue or red spectrum works for marijuana clones, and research shows that they are equally effective for healthy root growth. Both the blue and red light spectrum have comparable advantages over other colors.

For the red spectrum for clones we recommend the 2700k color, which is often available under the name "warm white". This onion color promotes root growth but should be stopped once the clones have taken root.

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For the blue light spectrum for clones, we recommend anything in the 5000k to 6500k color range. Both 5,000 and 6,500,000 light bulbs are available in most stores and are sold under the name "daylight lamps".

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While the red and blue light spectrum is beneficial for root development, the blue color spectrum is more desirable during the vegetative state where your clone enters as soon as it takes root. Hence, most users may find it better to use blue light when their clones are ready for transplant at different times.

Remove cannabis leaf clones

The purpose of removing leaves from your clones is to avoid sweating, which will dry out your plants. Since your clone has no roots for several days, it is important to maintain healthy water levels.

The leaves are one of the biggest ways that water leaks from the plant. By removing all unnecessary twigs and leaves, we help the clones survive and prevent the stress of dehydration.

Leaf removal consists of all the leaves and twigs above the clone. Some of the selected leaves must be left alone to allow photosynthesis to take place.

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