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What Every Renter Must Know About Tenants Rights

Many people who still could not afford to buy their own homes or are still in the process of owning a would probably be in the category of tenants. 

Most people especially in urban areas are rental homes and places of residence and are therefore covered by tenant rights regulated by the government. You can even learn about tenant retaliation against landlord from various online sources.

It is extremely important to know and understand the different legislative components of these rights to know what you are entitled to and what measures needed to come up with if ever abuses or breach of contract would inevitably be your way.

Some of the tenant's rights under the Act.

o Tenants have the right to a serene and quiet accommodation located in a suitable environment. It is, therefore, necessary that the rental unit must be away from any violent incident and unwanted intrusion, burglary, and other crimes or circumstances.

o Tenants have the right to access the facilities and use and other features necessary for their daily needs and basic. 

This would include the main areas or parts of the home such as roofs, ceilings, walls, heating or air conditioning, laundry, and others. 

It is the responsibility to ensure that all these facilities are available, functional, and in good condition by the owner.

o Tenants have the right to reimbursement in particular the cost of repairing or fixing committed that falls into the required field owners. 

Renters must provide the receipt and must inform the owner essentially of damage in the house as well as repairs to remedy such damage.