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Why Veda is Called Divine Knowledge?

Why only the Vedas are called divine knowledge or the constitution of God. Besides, why not Jindavesta-Koran-Puran-Bible etc? In answering this question, we can very briefly say that there are several parameters of divine knowledge.

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The first is that divine knowledge must have existed at the beginning of the universe. The second is that it must be complete and not incomplete, the third must be based on reason and wisdom, and the fourth is that it must conform to universal rules and science.

The fifth, which cannot contain, contains the geography of a specific country. Sixth, it has nothing to do with local history. The seventh is that it cannot be written in the language of a certain country. The eighth is to contain all true knowledge.

Through this parameter the only true Veda. Knowledge of the Vedas is universal and omniscient. He has all these qualities. The Veda is the oldest book in the world library. All other books were in possession of only four thousand five hundred years prior to the Mahabharata period, whereas the creation of the universe began in the two Arabic years.

The Vedas are God's creation and God is omniscient, all pervasive and omnipotent, therefore their explanations are emphatic and suitable for proof, and books made by other beings do not qualify for self-proof because other beings are not omniscient and omnipotent. . Therefore, their statements cannot be taken as self-evident.

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